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La Palma Tsunami - The mega-hyped tidal wave story  
Beschrijving: The horrific damage and loss of life caused by the earthquake and wave surges on 26 December 2004 have brought the word tsunami into every home in the world. After the initial shock the European media began asking "Can it happen in the North Atlantic?". The same media has been incorrectly answering the question with the answer: "YES, because La Palma will collapse into the sea and cause a tsunami". Unfortunately for the media and disaster-mongers, but fortunately for the supposed potential victims and the people of the Canary Islands this is far from the truth.
Toegevoegd op: 12-Jan-2005 Hits: 1404 Rating: 6.6984 (18 Stemmen)
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Beschrijving:, voor en door chemici - Hét Nederlandstalige forum voor alle chemici en geïnteresseerden in chemie.
Toegevoegd op: 19-May-2005 Hits: 1497 Rating: 6.7328 (23 Stemmen)
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