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WebWereld. Uw link met het ICT-nieuws.
WebWereld is uw persoonlijke link met het ICT-nieuws. Met iedere dag het laatste nieuws, achtergronden en meningen.



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14-Jul-2005 - Users flock to spam messages
08-Jun-2005 - Lenovo shows off its first Thinkpad
06-Apr-2005 - SAP steps up Oracle defector programme
15-Mar-2005 - Price hike ahead for LCD monitors
01-Dec-2004 - Microsoft Swats at Phony COAs
22-Nov-2004 - Kmart/Sears Success Is in the IT
09-Nov-2004 - Novell Desktop Linux ready to break Windows
29-Oct-2004 - Analysts: AMD's Just Not That Into IBM Anymore
26-Oct-2004 - Low-power screens boost notebook battery life
23-Oct-2004 - Global PC sales remain strong

10-May-2004 - Google Overhauls Blogger
06-Feb-2004 - A Redesign's Afoot for About.com
05-Feb-2004 - SuperPages.com's PPC Play
11-Dec-2003 - AOL Weds IM, Dating in Love.com
03-Dec-2003 - Hotmail Gets Anti-Spam Makeover
12-Nov-2003 - Shopping Comparison Site Priceflo Joins the Throng
22-Sep-2003 - DealTime Morphs Into Shopping.com
06-Sep-2003 - New look for SubmitIt.be
03-Sep-2003 - IBM, Linux to Power Library of Congress Archive
29-Aug-2003 - AstraZeneca to Launch Drug Online

25-May-2005 - Liquid metal cools gaming PCs
02-Jun-2004 - Moore's Law boosts gaming
18-Sep-2003 - Intel targets gamers with new Pentium
05-Sep-2003 - Sony takes the collar off its latest robot dog

19-Jan-2006 - Analyst warns of brutal mobile competition
19-Jan-2006 - Credit card providers choke on safer payments
19-Jan-2006 - Windows porn worm spreading fast
18-Jan-2006 - Google tunes into radio advertising
18-Jan-2006 - Apple exploits its hardware/software control
18-Jan-2006 - No major Windows XP update until mid-2007
19-Dec-2005 - HP hedges bets in Blu-ray/HDTV race
19-Dec-2005 - Google takes Gmail mobile
19-Dec-2005 - Microsoft in a 'tizzy' over open documents
28-Oct-2005 - RIM bows to Jpeg patent

28-Jul-2005 - What is a 2 tier affiliate program?
13-Jul-2005 - WebTrends Advises Sites to Move to First-Party Cookies
12-Jul-2005 - Industry giants get tough on spam
06-Jul-2005 - Women in IT website attracts 100,000 hits
06-Apr-2005 - DNS system in need of upgrade
01-Feb-2005 - WiMax set to challenge cable and DSL
23-Dec-2004 - Six million get Firefox browser
29-Nov-2004 - RSS: Feed Me the Money
29-Nov-2004 - Ads Making Overtures in RSS
25-Nov-2004 - Kazaa promises unlimited free internet calls

16-Aug-2005 - Lazy girl seeks same in boy form - 26
11-Nov-2003 - The Miracle Of Toilet Paper

22-Jul-2005 - Google Simplifies & Loosens Requirements for AdWords
22-Jul-2005 - A Buyer's Guide to Paid Search Advertising Agencies
22-Jul-2005 - Choosing a Search Engine Optimization Firm
22-Jul-2005 - Local Search, From Locals
22-Apr-2005 - Google prospers as ad sales soar
26-Jan-2005 - Google switches on TV search beta
01-Dec-2004 - China's Google Block Sparks Media Group's Protest
29-Nov-2004 - An Exceptionally "EEVL" Search Resource
24-Nov-2004 - Rating Search Engine Disclosure Practices
23-Nov-2004 - Google Desktop Security Warning Issued

13-Jul-2005 - EU raids Intel offices
21-Mar-2005 - Nokia ships 6680 3G smartphone
04-Dec-2004 - Bush Signs Net Access Tax Moratorium
17-Nov-2004 - Mobile phone sales rocket
15-Nov-2004 - One Access Point For All Wi-Fi
03-Nov-2004 - Nokia Provides Good Link to E-Mail
27-Oct-2004 - U2 Can iPod with Pictures
24-Oct-2004 - Hotspot market warming up, says analyst
08-Oct-2004 - Don't try to be Microsoft, mobile players warned
05-Oct-2004 - Mobile phone virus goes 'wild'

19-Jul-2004 - iTV: The Next Killer App?
22-Jan-2004 - AOL's Movie Deal

28-Sep-2004 - Virgin takes on iTunes with music download service
02-Sep-2004 - Redmond Waltzes Into Online Music
12-Jul-2004 - A Visual Search Engine for Music
25-May-2004 - Kids know downloading music is illegal
07-May-2004 - P2P Group Accuses Music Industry of Smut Smear
06-May-2004 - All Music, All But Invisible
31-Mar-2004 - P2P no threat to music sales
18-Mar-2004 - Sony to launch MP3 download site?
01-Mar-2004 - P2P Makes its Business Case
27-Feb-2004 - RIAA versus P2P: Same Old Song

11-Jul-2005 - Sick Trojan exploits London bombings
15-Mar-2005 - Hackers target Bluetooth devices 1km away
23-Feb-2005 - Four passwords needed to foil hackers
22-Feb-2005 - Cabir mobile phone virus hits the US
17-Jan-2005 - MyDoom mutant promises porn passwords
15-Dec-2004 - Christmas worm speaks in many tongues
13-Dec-2004 - Net widens to reel in the phishers
29-Nov-2004 - SCO Site Cracked
17-Nov-2004 - Spammers take aim at Christmas
15-Nov-2004 - Bofra worm bypasses antivirus systems

08-Jun-2004 - SourceForge 4.1 is closed source
17-May-2004 - DoubleClick Acquires Performics
23-Mar-2004 - Internet Players Use Acquisitions For Make Over
16-Feb-2004 - AOL Acquires BlackVoices.com
05-Feb-2004 - Oracle Offers $9.4 Billion for PeopleSoft
02-Jan-2004 - Sold to FreeMarkets: Covisint Auction Services
30-Dec-2003 - Vitesse Bids $66M for Cicada in Fast Switch Play
18-Dec-2003 - VeriSign Shells Out $140M For Guardent
01-Dec-2003 - European Portals On Same Team
19-Nov-2003 - AOL Buys Singingfish, Rolls Out More Search Changes

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