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Title: Tulip Inn Brinkhotel Zuidlaren, Zuidlaren

Description: Tulip Inn Brinkhotel Zuidlaren, renovated in 2004, is situated in the centre of Zuidlaren, on one of seven village squares. The hotel offers you all the hospitality and facilities you need for a successful holiday, midweek break or weekend, or simply a spontaneous day out. You can drive to Groningen and Assen within 15 minutes. Groningen Airport is at 10 minutes driving. The hotel offers 54 rooms with a shower, toilet, kabel-TV, telephone, safe, hairdryer, coffee/tea facilities and a mini-bar. A number of spacious rooms have a bath as well. Most of the rooms feature a balcony. Tulip Inn Brinkhotel Zuidlaren has an outstanding kitchen, a bar, a brasserie with an open hearth and a restaurant with the kind of ambience that makes you feel perfectly at home. There are also several conference rooms, equipped with all the necessary facilities ideal for meetings and seminars.

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